System Analysis

Keane_A_05a-webSystem Analysis 
Focussing on vital system services required for the secure and reliable operation of power systems, encompassing local voltage support, flexibility and reserve.

Strand Lead: Dr Andrew Keane


The new wave of energy resources connecting to all levels of the electric power system present both a challenge and opportunity as to how the system is planned and operated. The System Analysis strand analyses the impact of such resources on the power system from the residential network up to the high voltage transmission system. Current research topics focus upon the impact of renewable and distributed energy resources on the network, in particular in the context of the smart grid.

The key research streams of this group are analysis of the power system from a steady state and dynamic perspective. Analysis techniques employed range from AC load flow calculation to transient analysis along with the development of new analytical techniques. There is also a strong focus upon the application of optimisation techniques to network issues, in order to not only identify and define problems but to propose solutions.