Research Strands

The Electricity Research Centre (ERC)strands pgn image is a unique collaboration between academia and major players in the electricity industry to tackle fundamental and applied research questions underpinning the development of a sustainable electrical energy system.

The research work is presented in 8 thematic strands which bring together groupings of researchers from the relevant academic-led groups. Two represent the scientific hub, underpinning more applied research in the remaining six spokes.


System Analysis:  Focussing on vital system services required for the secure and reliable operation of power systems, encompassing local voltage support, flexibility and reserve.

Modelling: Providing expertise in the fundamentals of modelling stochastic problems, stability analysis of power systems and optimisation that can be utilized by the other strands.

Markets & Regulation: Several issues concerning market design and regulation are being examined in this strand using the unit commitment tools and econometric models.

Policy & Social Studies: Developing insights into human behaviour, attitudes and incentives relating to energy issues and to analyse and inform government energy policy.

Flexibility: Exploring the growing need for more flexible power systems, capable of secure and reliable operation, either through traditional or new means, e.g. renewable generation controls, storage and flexible loads.

Intelligent Energy Systems: Developing intelligent algorithms and methodologies that support the efficient and robust operation of the smart-grid at the interface between energy systems, control and ICT.

Interconnection & Demonstration: Examining interconnection technologies and characteristics which may play a crucial role in realising ambitious targets for renewable energy which is by its nature locally uncertain and variable.

End Use: Identifying the potential for control of  domestic and commercial thermal loads as a demand management and reserve provision measures.