Energy Needs Ireland

ENILOGOEnergy Needs Ireland (eni) ( started in 2007 in the ERC as an interdisciplinary summer education & research programme whereby a group of undergraduate students work collaboratively on a project during the summer.  It has proved its effectiveness in creating the required pipeline of students to undertake postgraduate research and will attract students into energy-related disciplines and as such is a component of the SEES Cluster.

Previous ENI groups have engaged in diverse activities ranging from creating educational material and writing a response to the Government’s Energy White Paper through to presenting at Science Week and the BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

In 2011 and 2012, a small cohort implemented an application which provides real-time access to a number of real-time data feeds and graphical displays. This is displayed both on-line ( and on a display in UCD at the ERC offices.

In 2013, eni is collaborating with the ‘Smart Grid Innovation Hub’ ( and participants will spend the summer working on the technical, business and social aspects of projects that are developing innovative Smart Grid solutions. See their own website for further information: