Cathal O'Loughlin

Research Engineer

Biography: Cathal graduated from UCD with a BE in Electrical Engineering in 1990 and went on immediately to a Masters by research also in UCD graduating in 1993. The research topic was design and construction of a 50kW, 2.4T electromagnet. He then spent 10 years in Merrimack Transformers Ireland Ltd. designing transformers, inductors and dc power supplies. After spending some time in the construction industry he returned to engineering work in 2010 to the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown in Dublin as a research assistant on a project to design, build and test a linear switched reluctance generator. The team presented a paper in the ICOE conference in Dublin in 2012 (“Design and test of a linear switched reluctance generator for use in wave-energy applications”). Following some part time work as a Mathematics Lecturer in IT, Carlow, he started with the ERC in 2014 as a research engineer. His research interests are power electronics, electrical machines and magnetics.

Cathal O’Loughlin is a Research Engineer in the Interconnection and Demonstration strand of the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.


Cathal is currently providing support to a final year student on evaluation of a hardware device. It is a demand side response device for frequency support of the network.  He is also providing support for a Master’s student on the hardware testing of a virtual synchronous machine implementation. This is a supply side strategy for frequency support of the network.

Technical development of the OPAL RT real time digital simulation system and associated hardware in the loop test capability for research and industry applications. This system was acquired in December 2013.

Carrying out assigned projects related to simulation, modelling and development and test of power electronics applications in power systems.

Facilitating access to the OPAL RT real time digital simulation system (including access planning, maintenance and related administration) for researchers within the SEES Cluster and industry partners.

Other responsibilities include supporting the research activities of ERC, including assisting PhD students and contributing towards research publications where appropriate.

Keywords: OPAL RT, real time, hardware in the loop, HVDC, simulation, modelling, power electronics, electric machines