Alison O'Connell

Senior Researcher

Biography:  Alison completed both the B.E. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 2011 and 2015 respectively. Her Ph.D. thesis title was “Advanced Distribution Network Modelling with Distributed Energy Resources”. She was also awarded the 2011 Engineering Graduates Association Medal for Electrical Engineering. Alison is currently a Senior Energy Systems Researcher in the Electricity Research Centre. Her research interests include distribution network modelling, unbalanced load flow, optimisation, and distributed energy resources.

Project: Numerous technologies, e.g. electric vehicles, micro-generation and CHP, in varying stages of maturity are being proposed for residential use. The aim of the project is to develop extended models of the low voltage and medium voltage distribution network, enabling comprehensive assessment of the impacts of distributed energy resources. These models can then be used to develop optimisation methods for the management of such resources and their interaction with the grid. Proposed work includes development of an unbalanced AC optimal power flow tool.


Determining Optimal Smart Inverter Settings for Distributed Photovoltaic Systems

Alison O'Connell, Huijuan Li, Matthew Rylander, Jeff Smith,
Conference Paper Winnipeg, Canada published on 02/09/2015

Multi-Period Three-Phase Unbalanced Optimal Power Flow

Alison O'Connell, Andrew Keane,
Conference Paper Istanbul, Turkey,12-15 Oct. 2014 published on 12/10/2014

Rolling Multi-Period Optimisation to Control Electric Vehicle Charging in Distribution Networks

Alison O’Connell, Damian Flynn, Andrew Keane ,
Journal Paper IEEE Transactions on Power Systems published on 05/09/2013

Controlled Charging of Electric Vehicles in Residential Distribution Networks

Alison O’Connell, Damian Flynn, Peter Richardson, Andrew Keane,
Conference Paper Berlin 14-17 Oct. 2012 published on 17/10/2012