Valeria Di Cosmo

Senior Researcher

Valeria di Cosmo is an energy economist. She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Pavia and a PhD from the University of Roma Tre. Her PhD thesis title was “Three Essays on the Regulation of Public Utilities”. Dr di Cosmo was a visiting student at Oxford in 2007 and returned to Nuffield College as Visiting Fellow in 2009, specialising in Economics of Regulation. Since completing her PhD, Valeria worked for Gas de France-Suez analyzing electricity market behaviour and trends. She commenced her post doctoral studies at the ESRI in 2010 and joined the Electricity Research Centre (ERC) in October 2012. Her research interests include the energy market regulation, the demand management and the smart metering trials.

Valeria Di Cosmo is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.

Project: Econometric analysis and regulatory policy in electricity markets
The project is about studying the effects of extra wind generation and interconnection on the electricity market structure both in Ireland and in Europe. The implications for prices, profits, security of supply and emissions will be investigated analyzing the historical data available for SEM and simulating different scenarios. Estimation techniques will also be used to investigate the structure and level of feed-in tariffs needed to meet the various national and European targets at lowest cost to consumers.

Keywords: Electricity markets, prices, profits, emissions, demand side management, demand response.


Competition and the Single Electricity Market: Which Lessons for Ireland

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Estimating the Impact of Time-of-Use Pricing on Irish Electricity Demand

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The Effect of Wind on Electricity CO2 Emissions: The Case of Ireland

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The incentive to invest in thermal plants in the presence of wind generation

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