Muireann Lynch

Senior Researcher

Biography: Muireann Lynch graduated with a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Trinity College Dublin in 2010. She commenced her PhD studies in the Electricity Research Centre in UCD in September 2010. During the course of her PhD she received an Intel Doctoral Student Honor Fellowship which is awarded to PhD students pursuing leading-edge innovation in fields related to Intel’s business and research interests in the European Union and Switzerland. Muireann completed her PhD in May 2014; the title of the thesis was ‘Sustainable low-risk generation in liberalised interconnected electricity markets’. In June 2014 she began a postdoctoral fellowship with the Economic and Social Research Institute in Dublin in the Economic Analysis division.
Muireann Lynch is funded by the Program for Research in Third-Level Institutions Cycle 5 (PRTLI) and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
Muireann’s research interests lie in energy economics. In particular, she is interested in power system economics, market modelling, interconnection, capacity markets and the integration of electricity markets in the USA and in Europe. In addition, Muireann is interested in the potential of multidisciplinary collaboration to enhance and improve research in the energy and electricity spaces.


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Incorporating reliability into capacity payment mechanisms

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Competition and the Single Electricity Market: Which Lessons for Ireland

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Econometric analysis of flexibility rewards in electricity markets

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