Hassan Wajahat Qazi

Short-term power system flexibility under high wind

Biography: Obtained his B.E Mechatronics degree from National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Pakistan (2006). After a year's work in the industry proceeded to Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm for MSc. in Electrical Power Engineering. Master's thesis work was about the optimal placement of a UPFC (Unified Power Flow Controller) in a grid to minimize load curtailment (completed 2009).Research interests include DSM, Smart grids, Power system analysis.

Hassan Wajahat Qazi is funded through Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/IN.1/I2608
Project: The project is about enhancing the short term power system flexibility under the influence of a high amount of wind power on the Irish power system. Hassan is looking at Demand Side Management (DSM) as a possible method of achieving this. During the course of the research, flexible load resource for providing contingency and regulatory reserve will be assessed, aggregated dynamic load models will be developed and an investigation of incentive mechanisms for DSM implementation will be carried out.


Demand Side Management Potential of Domestic Water Heaters and Space Heaters

Qazi, Hassan Wajahat; Flynn, Damian,
Journal Paper Power Plants and Power Systems Control published on 02/09/2012