Principal and Funded Investigators

Paula Carroll

Biography: Paula Carroll has been a lecturer in UCD since 2003. Her background is in electrical engineering (Kevin St., DIT, 1986). She has an MSc in Computer Science (DCU, 1996). The topic of her dissertation was Heuristic Techniques (Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithms) for routing in Telecommunications Networks. She also has a Masters in Management Science from the Smurfit School of Business (UCD, 2005). The topic of this dissertation was the Polyhedral Approach to Telecommunications Networks Design Problems. Her PhD was in the field of Combinatorial Optimisation. Her thesis was titled "The Ring Spur Assignment Problem". She has considerable experience in both academia and industry. Prior to joining UCD she worked as a Software Developer with the ESB, in Quality Assurance with DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and in Business Planning and Management(an MIS role) with eircom. She has also lectured in DCU. She is currently Academic Coordinator of the Bachelor of Commerce (International) Programme. In this interview with Dr Carroll, she shares insight into her research area:


Validating Unit Commitment Models: A Case for Benchmark Test Systems

Alexander C. Melhorn, Mingsong Li, Paula Carroll, Damian Flynn,
Conference Paper Boston, USA, July 2016 published on