PhD & Masters Students

Matthew Horrigan

Life Cycle Data Analysis in Buildings

Biography:  Matthew Horrigan graduated from University College Cork in 2010 with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. He continued his education in UCC and graduated with a Masters in Corporate Finance in 2011.  He has worked as an analyst in banking sector and researcher on Environmental Protection Agency waste water treatment  plant projects. He commenced his PhD in September 2014 under the Supervision of Dr James O'Donnell.

Matthew is funded by the Marie Curie Association

Project:  A Holistic Life-Cycle Data Analysis Approach to Bridge the Energy Performance Gap in Buildings:

Buildings do not perform as initially predicted in their design phase, with a significant gap existing between design intent and actual building performance. Actual building energy consumption has been shown to deviate from predicted building energy consumption by a factor two. Numerous approaches and technologies are currently being implemented to reduce building inefficiencies, and such approaches are in parallel with a recent explosion in global data production.

The objective of this research is to identify and use the necessary data and data analysis techniques to holistically analyse a building over its entire life cycle.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Building Life Cycle, Big Data, Context Specific Building Data.