PhD & Masters Students

Sergio Pinheiro

A Collaborative Life-Cycle Process to Enable Optimum Building Operation

Biography: Sergio Pinheiro graduated from Centro Universitário de Maringá - CESUMAR (Brazil) in 2009 with a BSc in Control and Automation Engineering, he then continued his education at UCD and graduated from the ME in Energy Systems in October 2013, achieving second class honours. His ME research project which was conducted under the guidance of Professor James O’Donnell in the area of Carbon Neutrality, involved a case study determining the potential for UCD campus to become a carbon neutral institution, through cancelling out the emissions  by reducing it to zero or preventing an equal amount of being released into the atmosphere. He commenced his PhD in UCD in September 2014, within the Electricity Research Centre (ERC).

Sergio Pinheiro is funded by the CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento), supported by the Government of Brazil.

Project: A Collaborative Life-Cycle Process to Enable Optimum Building Operation

The goal of this project is to optimise building performance (defined as the minimum amount of energy required to deliver functional intent), for the design and retrofit design of buildings by creating and implementing a methodology that fosters collaborative stakeholder interaction over the entire Building Life-Cycle (BLC). The process will help to realise the benefits of an integrated Building Information Model (BIM) based life-cycle process, particularly during operation. Furthermore it will define the data exchange requirements that facilitate this collaborative process, and develop a corresponding interoperable representation called a Model View Definition (MVD) that will allow widespread industry adoption of the research outcomes.

Keywords: Building Life-Cycle (BLC), Building Information Model (BIM), Model View Definition (MVD).