PhD & Masters Students

Francesca Madia Mele

Stability analysis and robust control of power systems with inclusion of stochastic processes

Biography: Francesca Madia received both BSC and MSC degree in Control Engineering from "Universita' degli Studi di Napoli Federico II", Italy, in 2013. She developed her master thesis ("A model-based approach to HVAC fault detection and diagnosis") at the Automatic Control Laboratory, KTH, Sweden. A publication based on her thesis is available at From 2013 until 2014, she worked with Texas Instruments as Account Manager.

She commenced her PhD in UCD in September 2014, with the Electricity Research Centre (ERC). Her research interests are in the area power system modelling with inclusion of stochastic processes.

During 2016, she had a work placement in EirGrid, the Irish TSO, where she was research analyst within DS3 programme.

Francesca Madia Mele is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.

Keywords: Stochastic processes, power system modelling, SDE.


Impact of Variability, Uncertainty and Frequency Regulation on Power System Frequency Distribution

Francesca Madia Mele, Alvaro Ortega, Rafael Zarate-Miñano, Federico Milano,
Conference Paper Genoa, Italy, 20-24 June, 2016 published on