PhD & Masters Students

Solène Goy

Energy Demand Management in Buildings

Biography: Solène graduated from INSA LYON (France) Engineering School in 2007. She then specialized with the European Master in Renewable Energy (EUREC) carried out at the Universities of Oldenburg (GER) and Newcastle (UK). Her research project, carried out at INES (National Institute of Solar Energy) in France, was about the sizing of stand-alone renewable energy systems.  She then took part in a 6 month project as an engineer in the field of rural electrification in Nepal. From September 2009 to 2014, she worked in France as a project engineer and then project manager in the grid-connected solar PV sector within 3E, an independent and international consulting company. She commenced her PhD in UCD in June 2014.

Solène Goy is funded by the Marie Curie ITN project entitled “CI-NERGY Smart Cities with Sustainable Energy Systems”.


Project: Energy Demand Management in Buildings

The project is concerned with developing a methodology for assessing the potential for energy demand-side management in buildings clusters, including a mix of residential and commercial buildings. The methodology will be tested on various cases studies from two of the collaborating cities in the CI-NERGY project (Geneva and Vienna).

Solène carried out a literature review from which she has identified the point of departure of her work and a 3 steps methodology to reach her research goal.  She is currently working on testing the first two steps of her methodology (clustering and large-scale building energy modelling).

Keywords: Building clusters, demand response, optimization, flexibility, demand-side management, building modeling, multi-energy systems.