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Tao Yang

Development of Solid State Transformers for applications in Distributions Systems

Biography: Tao Yang was born in Hunan, China, in 1987. He received his BEng degree in electrical engineering from the Guangxi Teachers Education University, China, in 2009, and an MS education in electrical engineering from the Guangxi University in 2009-2012. He commenced his PhD in UCD in September 2013 in Electrical Engineering.

Tao Yang is funded by the UCD-Chinese Scholarship Council Scheme.

Project: The use of power electronics in power system applications has increased rapidly in recent years, facilitating the integration of renewable energy to the grid and the creation of a low carbon energy future. One application of power electronics converters which has received considerable research attention is the concept of the power electronic transformer (PET) (also referred to as a Solid State Transformer (SST)). Such power electronics based transformers are being considered as a replacement for the line frequency transformer (LFT) currently used in the distribution network. The potential advantages of such an approach are significant. Since the PET is essentially the combination of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) converter and high frequency transformer then the size and weight of the transformer can be considerably reduced compared to the 50/60 Hz transformer. In addition the PET is an active, controllable device so that the input and output can be decoupled. However there are also significant drawbacks in terms of efficiency, reliability and cost. Therefore the most interesting aspects of the PET are the benefits it brings to the rest of the system and in particular the extra control potential it brings to the distribution grid.

This project will focus on developing the SST include topology, control strategy for dealing the imbalance and voltage distortions etc. conditions in the power distribution systems, also improving the efficiency of SST and nonlinear analyse of SST as well.


Investigation of modularity in DC-DC converters for solid state transformers

Tao Yang, Cathal O'Loughlin, Ronan Meere, Terence O’Donnell,
Conference Paper 24th to 27th June 2014 in Galway, Ireland published on 24/06/2014

Performance of 3-Phase 4-Wire Solid State Transformer under Imbalanced Loads

Tao Yang, Ronan Meere, Orla Feely, Terence O'Donnell,
Conference Paper US, Chicago, 14-17 Apri published on 14/04/2014