PhD & Masters Students

Shaban Awili

Integration of Smart (SST) into Power Distribution System

Biography: Shaban was born in Libya. He received his BSc in Electrical Engineering from Dublin Institute of Technology and M.Eng from University College Dublin in Ireland in 2010 and 2013 respectively. He worked as Electrical Services Design Engineer for over seven years in multiple electrical engineering sectors and with large multinational organizations. In 2012 he joined Electricity Supply Board International (ESBI) as senior electrical design engineer of high-voltage substations in Ireland. He commenced PhD studies with the Electricity Research Centre in October 2014 under the supervision of Dr Terrence O’Donnell.

Integration of Smart (SST) into Power Distribution System:  Although impressive progresses have been made in the SST technology in recent years and the current SST technologies can feasibly support the operation of SST in the power distribution system, a feasible path for the SST to integrate into the power distribution system and fully replace the traditional transformers require further research attention. This project will focus efforts in this direction to ensure that the interesting aspects of the SST benefits are brought to the rest of the system. It is foreseen that additional capabilities of the SST could actively stabilize the power system by monitoring the loading conditions upstream and downstream from its location.