PhD & Masters Students

Alex Melhorn

Management Strategies for Flexible Demand Resources

Biography:  Alex graduated from The University of Tennessee with a BSEE and a MS in 2009 and 2011 respectively.  Alex interned with Alcoa Power Generating Inc., Tapoco Division from 2007-2009 in both their generation and distribution groups.  In summer 2009 he held a three month internship with EPRI\'s Smart Grid Resource Center.  Alex was also one of the founding GIL (Grid Innovation Leaders) Fellows at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in May 2011.  He then continued on at ORNL as a Post-Masters research associate until joining the ERC in 2013.

Alex is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.

Project:  Management Strategies for Flexible Demand Resources.  His research interests include: unit commitment, probabilistic load flow, demand side management, demand response and power systems communications.


Three-phase probabilistic load flow in radial and meshed distribution networks

Alexander C. Melhorn, Aleksandar Dimitrovski,
Journal Paper IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution published on 17/09/2015

Cycling and Flexibility Concerns Revealed in High Variability Systems Employing Sub-hourly UC

A.C. Melhorn, Damian Flynn,
Conference Paper Denver, USA, 26-30 July 2015 published on 27/07/2015

A Method for Modeling Voltage Regulators in Probabilistic Load Flow for Radial Systems

A.C. Melhorn and A. Dimitrovski,
Conference Paper Durham, England, 7-10 July 2014 published on 07/07/2014

Validating Unit Commitment Models: A Case for Benchmark Test Systems

Alexander C. Melhorn, Mingsong Li, Paula Carroll, Damian Flynn,
Conference Paper Boston, USA, July 2016 published on