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Padraig Daly

Operational Security Policies for Systems with High Non-Synchronous Penetrations

Biography:  Pádraig Daly graduated University College Dublin with a BSc in Engineering and a ME in Energy Systems in 2011 and 2012 respectively.  During his degrees, he spent one academic year in the University of Auckland on an international exchange, and three months in EPRI’s Grid Operations & Planning sector on a student internship. His research interests include power system operations, power system stability and power system economics.

Pádraig Daly is funded by the IRC EMBARK Initiative postgraduate scholarship.

Project:  Operational Security Policies for Systems with High Non-Synchronous Penetrations.

Oh The Times They Are A-Changin': The priority dispatch status of non-synchronous renewable generation (wind, wave, solar), and increasing levels of installed high voltage direct current interconnection between synchronous systems, is fundamentally changing unit commitment and economic dispatch schedules. Conventional synchronous plant, the traditional provider of services which ensure power system stability and operational security are being displaced by marginally zero cost non-synchronous renewables. Thus, there is a pressing need to develop new operational policies, focused on the evolving plant portfolio - rather than those based on the unequivocal presence of conventional synchronous generation.

The goal of this research is to devise day-ahead operational strategies that attain the correct balance between system security and cost. Each policy is underpinned by power system stability analysis using time domain simulation, which informs the creation of constraints within unit commitment and economic dispatch. The effectiveness of the day-ahead strategies is assessed by weighing the cost of the schedules against the risk level incurred and the level of wind curtailment engendered.

Keywords: operational flexibility, power system stability, reactive power, time series power flow, unit commitment, wind power generation


Assessing Power System Flexibility for Variable Renewable Integration: A Flexibility Metric for Long-Term System Planning

Eamonn Lannoye, Pádraig Daly, Aidan Tuohy, Damian Flynn, Mark O'Malley,
Journal Paper CIGRÉ Science & Engineering published on 01/10/2015

Inertia Considerations within Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch for Systems with High Non-Synchronous Penetrations

Pádraig Daly, Noel Cunniffe, Damian Flynn,
Conference Paper Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 29 June - 2 July 2015 published on

Emulated Inertial Response from Wind Power: Ancillary Service Design and System Scheduling Considerations

Pádraig Daly, Lisa Ruttledge, Michael Power, and Damian Flynn,
Conference Paper Paris, France, 21-26 Aug. 2016 published on