PhD & Masters Students

Mostafa Bakhtvar

Stability constrained optimal power flow

Biography: Mostafa received his BSc. in Electrical-Power Engineering in 2010 in Iran and obtained the Masters degree in Energy Systems Engineering from University College Dublin in 2012, both with first class honours. He joined the Electricity Research Centre in May 2011 for his Masters project which was focused on optimal power flow. In 2012 he commenced research towards the PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Keane. His current research interests include power systems stability, renewables integration and optimal power flow.

Mostafa Bakhtvar is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.


Project: Stability Constrained Optimal Power Flow

The project's aim is to investigate power system stability with high penetrations of wind power. The impacts of wind power may place stress on the system, in particular in terms of reactive power resources. This project will initially investigate stability from this perspective and subsequently develop a stability constrained optimal power flow tool.

Keywords: power systems planning, optimization, power flow, stability, wind generation, reactive power, renewables, dynamics


Synchronizing Torque Impacts on Rotor Speed in Power Systems

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Allocation of wind capacity subject to long term voltage stability constraints

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Optimal Allocation of Wind Generation Subject to Voltage Stability Constraints

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Operational Characteristics of Non-firm Wind Generation in Distribution Networks

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