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James Ryan

Power System Adequacy Metrics

Biography: Graduated in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCD. He spent two summers working with ESBI Renewables O&M which lead to a final year project in assessing the performance of an operational wind farm using both site data and CFD. He is the first person to win both the Liam Lee and the John Murphy Memorial medals awarded for the highest national results in Junior Certificate Metalwork and Leaving Certificate Engineering respectively.

James Ryan is funded by the IRCSET Embark Initiative
Project: The aim of the project is to try differentiate the services provided by different types of generation and provide a simple method which will allow for these services to be recognised and rewarded by the TSO and the electricity market.


Variable Generation, Reserves, Flexibility and Policy Interactions

James Ryan,Erik Ela, Damian Flynn, Mark O'Malley,
Conference Paper Wailoloa 06 Jan. 2014 published on 01/03/2014