PhD & Masters Students

Conor Murphy

Reactive Power Optimisation for High Renewable Generation Systems

Biography:  Conor received an all Irish secondary education in Coláiste Eoin and graduated from University College Dublin in 2011 with a first class honours in Engineering Science (BSc). He continued his education in UCD and graduated from the ME in Energy Systems in 2012, achieving first class honours. His ME research project investigated the optimisation of reactive power from modern variable speed wind farms for congestion management on power systems. Under the supervision of Dr Andrew Keane, Conor commenced his PhD at UCD in September 2012 within the ERC. His research interests include AC optimal power flow, distributed generation, reactive power control and voltage stability.

Conor Murphy is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.
Project:  Reactive power is a vital element of synchronous power systems. The uptake of wind power generation is changing the nature of available reactive power resources and their location, leading to a number of technical challenges. This project will focus upon the associated issues of steady state voltage stability and provision of reactive power support. The project will assess distribution and transmission system reactive power adequacy with a focus on the interface of the distribution and transmission system as a key boundary point in the evolving high renewable generation power system. 


Local and Remote Estimations Using Fitted Polynomials in Distribution Systems

Conor Murphy, Andrew Keane,
Journal Paper IEEE Transactions on Power Systems published on 18/10/2016

Optimised Voltage Control for Distributed Generation

Conor Murphy, Andrew Keane,
Conference Paper Eindhoven, Netherlands published on 01/07/2015

Optimisation of Wind Farm Reactive Power for Congestion Management

Conor Murphy, Andrew Keane,
Conference Paper Grenoble published on 16/06/2013