PhD & Masters Students

Ciara O'Dwyer

Options for storage at high wind penetrations

Biography: Ciara graduated from UCD with a BE in Mechanical Engineering in 1996. She has over a decade of experience working in the semiconductor industry. She returned to UCD and completed an ME in Energy Systems in 2011, receiving a first class honour. Her master’s thesis examined the potential for demand response in the residential sector. She joined the ERC in 2011 and is currently studying for a PhD.  Her research interests include demand response and energy storage.

Ciara O'Dwyer is funded through the SEES Cluster, supported by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant Number SFI/09/SRC/E1780.

Project: Options for storage at high wind penetrations

Power system storage devices range from large-scale, high capacity pumped storage and compressed air energy storage to small-scale, distributed devices including flywheels, flow batteries and even electric vehicles. The potential for individual storage technologies to shape the daily demand curve, reduce the variability and uncertainty associated with particular renewable sources, and / or provide system support ancillary services will be investigated at high renewable penetrations. Technical and economic comparison will also be made with alternative options, including demand side management and increased interconnection.

Keywords: energy storage, unit commitment, demand response, optimisation, flexibility, operating reserve


Using Energy Storage to Manage High Net Load Variability at Sub-Hourly Time-Scales

Ciara O'Dwyer, Damian Flynn,
Journal Paper IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS published on 01/07/2015

Flexible Storage Operation in a Market Environment

Ciara O'Dwyer, Damian Flynn,
Berlin, Germany, 11-13 Nov. 2014 published on 01/11/2014

Emissions from cycling of thermal power plants in electricity systems with high penetration of wind power: Life cycle assessment for Ireland

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Pumped Hydro and Compressed Air Energy Storage at High Wind Penetrations

Ciara O'Dwyer, Damian Flynn,
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Modeling Demand Response in the Residential Sector for the Provision of Reserves

Ciara O’Dwyer, Roisin Duignan and Mark O’Malley,
San Diego, USA, 22-26 July 2012 published on 22/07/2012

Energy Storage for Wind Integration: Hydropower and other contributions

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Modelling Demand Response in the Residential Sector

Ciara O’Dwyer,
Masters Thesis published on 01/08/2011