Featured Alumni
These are showcases from the Alumni Corner of our newsletter.

Fintan Slye

Chief Executive of EirGrid

Fintan Slye was appointed Chief Executive of EirGrid on 1 October, 2012. He had previously held the position of Director of Operations of EirGrid, in which he had responsibility for the operation of the power system in Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as for managing EirGrid and SONI’s programme of work to facilitate the Integration of world-leading levels of renewables on the power system. Before his appointment to that position, Fintan worked for McKinsey & Co in their Dublin office, supporting companies across Ireland, UK and Europe. Prior to that, he held a number of project and management roles in ESB National Grid and ESB International.

Fintan completed a Masters in Business Administration from UCD in 2001 and was the first graduate student of the precursor to the ERC where he completed a research Masters in Engineering Science in 1993. His thesis title was “An expert system for the restoration of an island power system”.

ERC Alumni

More than 44 Alumni (graduated with PhD or masters or worked as a postdoc within the ERC)  are now working in academia, industry and start-ups both in Ireland and internationally.

Additionally there are 45 students that have taken part in the various ENI programmes to date, and many visiting researchers and students that have spent time with us.

Kumaravel Sundaramoorthy (2016) Senior Researcher
Daniel Burke (2016) Senior Researcher
Manuel Marin (2016) PhD
Mingsong Li (2015) PhD
Antonio De Bonis (2015) Masters Student
Niall Farrell (2015) Senior Researcher
Daire McCoy (2015) PhD
Mario Dzamarija (2015) PhD
Zakir Hussain (2015) Senior Researcher
Edward Corry (2015) Senior Researcher
Estefania Valero (2015) Masters
Andrej Gubina (2014) Research Lecturer
Lisa Ruttledge (2014) PhD
Colm Lowery (2014) PhD
Erik Ela (2014) PhD
James Carroll (2014) PhD
Muireann Lynch (2014) PhD
Eknath Vittal (2013) PhD
Eamonn Lannoye (2013) PhD
Amy O’Mahoney(2013) PhD
Aonghus Shortt (2013) PhD
Peter Richardson (2012) PhD
David Kavanagh (2012) MEngSc
Niamh Troy (2011) PhD/Researcher
Eknath Vittal (2011) PhD/Researcher
Ronan Fitzmaurice (2011) PhD/Researcher
Batsaikhan Nyamdash (2011) PhD
Stefano Verde (2011) PhD
Daniel Burke (2010) PhD/Researcher
Sonya Twohig (2009) MEngSc
Aidan Tuohy (2009) PhD/Researcher
Emma Silke (2008) Researcher
Andrew Keane (2007) PhD
Eleanor Denny (2007) PhD
Alan Mullane (2006) Researcher/Lecturer
Garth Bryans (2006) PhD
Gill (Lalor) Nolan (2005) PhD
Ronan Doherty (2005) PhD
Hugh Mullany (2005) Researcher
Timothy Hurley (2004) MEngSc
Shane Rourke (2003) MEngSc
Meadhbh (Flynn) Connolly (1999) PhD
Paul Sheridan (1999) MEngSc
Jody Dillon (1998) MEngSc
Michael Walsh (1998) PhD
Fergus Keane (1997) Researcher
Jonathan O’Sullivan (1996) PhD
Fintan Slye (1993) MEngSc